ALC ”Belsrub” is the one of the largest companies in Belarus

ALC ”Belsrub” is the one of the largest companies in Belarus which is engaged in design, production and installation of wooden houses for various purposes for already 19 years! From residential beam cottages and frame houses to bathhouses and arbors.  the production itself is located on the territory of 1Ga, with 2000 m2 of production space located on it.  Also we have a huge experience in supplying products to the CIS countries and the European Union.

ALC ”Belsrub” is:

  • a close-knit professional team - roofers, installers, designers etc.
  • high-tech and modern equipment - convection-type drying chambers, as well as a vacuum infrared camera, WINNER, REX, SCHMIDLER and other
  • Efficiency of tasks;
  • availability and wide system of discounts;
  • responsiveness and conscientiousness of staff.

Our products include:

  • profiled beam grid
  • glued beams
  • frame house building
  • half-timbered building structures
  • Farms in the Mitek system

We are ready for cooperation with the foreign partners on supplying the house kits and prefabricated wooden structures as well as other wooden products and billet (semi-finished products).   

The production and delivery of high-quality products by individual order,  corresponding to the declared technical and operational requirements of the client on mutually beneficial terms – Belsrub is all of the above and even more. If you want to know what else you can get, contact us and our staff will gladly inform you.

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